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MaterialsXchange (MX) is a digital marketplace to efficiently buy and sell wood products, like OSB and construction lumber. Our easy to use, web-based platform allows buyers to place “bids” and sellers to place “offers” for truckloads and carloads of the most common products. When prices match, a transaction occurs instantly, and MX handles the payment transfers and product delivery.

The benefits of using MX are access to real-time market prices, less time spent “shopping”, and no paperwork. MX ensures everyone gets equal access to the markets with just the click of a button.

MX is built to be scalable. Our technology can handle any product traded in a commoditized market environment and is built so that back-office functionality can grow in tandem.

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What we offer

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Market prices are always changing.
MX helps you stay on top
of what is happening.

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and cost of your

Get more done.
MX allows your staff the time to be
better, and our system integrates into
your current business software.

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trading network

Our Match platform connects you
with all other market participants,
widening your customer base.

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MaterialsXchange is an electronic marketplace for buying and selling lumber and panels.

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